Mirva Valvanto

email mvalvanto@yahoo.com
phone +358414666426


For the past few years I have been concentrating on carborundum technique. Unlike conventional printmaking, the main emphasis has been on the actual printing process. I usually print many different layers of color with the same plate.

The outcome for me usually is a unique print. I like to keep this printing period free and open for changes and surprises until the very last minute. I could describe it like playing with varying ideas all the time until the work is done.

I like to collect my works as installations for the time of the exhibition. The main purpose is that individual works strongly communicate with each other.

The nature has always had an important role in my art. Thematically, my works embody fairy tales as well as reflections upon the relativity of motion and time. Our memories are constructed from scattered fragments. We combine selected memories of the past to build the game board of our own life.